Monday, October 1, 2012

BOO-tiful Craft

Yikes! So, this will be "one of those" blog posts that is really me talking about the video I just posted on my youtube channel, FLYNNterest. This will NOT be a common thing on my blog but, I tapped the video 3 weeks ago before I decided to be on this blog and not delete it. I have a few photos shown below of the craft & the items I used as well. If you have any questions please leave a comment here or on my twitter...@xflynniex. If you do this craft PLEASE tweet it to me so I can see it!!! Have a beauty-ful day!


Spiderweb paper- 12x12 from Hobby Lobby
Wooden Circles- Hobby Lobby
Wooden Letters- Hobby Lobby
MS Glitter- Michaels (Fire Opal)
Sponge Brush- Any craft store
Mode Podge- Any craft store
Any ribbon- I used Orange
Hot glue gun or Garilla Glue

The Step By Step Video!
(if the video isn't working please click HERE)


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  1. love this! and the Disney freak in me likes the "Mickey" feel of it too. Did you make the candy corns over the door yourself?