Monday, September 24, 2012

Holy Hell...A POST!

  Ok, so this is just a bit of a HI I AM HERE AGAIN post/party/fiesta.  I have gone back and forth about keeping this blog or trashing it all together for about 3 months now.  Happily I took time to really think about why I wanted this blog in the first place. At first, it was for my beauty youtube channel...FAIL! I didn't want it to be like "HEY EVERYONE" here is a post on the exact video I did...ok bye! So I kinda just pushed it away, UNTIL NOW! This will be my everything under the sun blog...but organized of course. :) It will show my OOTD, Family photos, all the crafts that I've been doing, beauty, DIH (hehe i will share that later) and much more. It will be my life blog. Now, I have NO IDEA how often I will update this guy but I can promise you that it will no longer take a backseat in my online life...thats what will be happening with my beauty youtube channel. I just have been pushing and pushing myself to NOT delete that channel. The thing I used to love brings me so much stress and sadness and ugh...BUT, I talked it over with the hubs (aka Noah) and he said don't delete it because you started it to help people and you are. So what you don't have thousands & thousands of started youtube to have fun and you need to find that fun online Tammi again...(SO TRUE) He also said some funny things about some of the "TUBERS" that are big and have no talent but I'll hold that in...He also said do what you want where you want to do it. AKA I have 3 channels and 1 blog so I can go to a place where I want to be at that moment and share with you all.

  I'm not that 23 year old girl anymore who lives with her boyfriend and has an endless amount of money to spend on makeup because I have 3 jobs...I am a 28 year old wife and mother of 2 on a strict budget that would rather play with my kids then edit a review video that 300 people will watch. Youtube has changed SO SO SO SO much and I don't think I can push myself and work so hard to just be white noise...will that happen here, maybe but I am ready for a new chapter.  Blogging will be easier (this is day 3 of me writing this) for me because I can sit here then be away for hours and come back and post. Does this mean I am saying goodbye to youtube for good...NOPE!!!! I will still be on all 3 accounts...yes including themcateefamily channel! My xFLYNNIEx channel will stay how it is, a beauty channel and FLYNNterest will be my craft videos so you can see the crafts I do here in "real time." Noah is going to take control of our family channel by being the editor. SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! We will be doing weekly vlogs now instead of daily/nothing for a chunk of time. He wants to use it as a sitcom kinda thing where we have it up for 10 "shows" take a break and do it again for 10 "shows." He is really excited about it so I am letting him roll with it. We will talk more about that when we get back from texas the 3ish week in October.

SO there we have it ladies...I am a blogger/vlogger now.........

  My first official post will be on the things I am making for halloween this year.  I have been so creative lately so I can wait to share it with people who are as excited about it as I am. If you know how I can add that BEAUTIFUL pin it next to my photos, please tell me so others can pin what they like. Now, lets remember that I am VERY new to this blogging world so if my photos suck or writing is janky...know that it will get better with time :) 

I love ya'll!


  1. You will do great! I'm glad you are not quitting YT, though. I enjoy your pretty face and your adorable family! :)

  2. I say "janky" all the time now because of you. lol I'm so happy you decided to not quit youtube. You're one of the few "beauty gurus" I'm still subbed too. Everyone I used to watch became large and fake, or they had all of this drama surrounding them. Excited for the blogs and to see what you come up with on here. :)


  3. You will be awesome at blogging, I just know it.

  4. I'm so glad that you are not quitting youtube. You're so real and down to earth and you haven't let youtube get to your head like some of the other "beauty gurus"