Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi Beauties!  So this is a blog sale on products in my collection that aren't being love the way they should. So there are some "rules" about this Blog Sale that are not negotiable. 

Rule 1: Every package will come with a tracking number so there is prof that you received it! That is why shipping is more than I usually charge
Rule 2: There are NO refunds & NO exchanges! 

Rule 3: USA and CANADA ONLY! 

Rule 4: PAYPAL ONLY! MUST PAY ASAP! (First come first serve) If your invoice isn't paid within 24 hours, I will move on to the next beauty that wanted that item. :) 

Please e-mail me at with your...


PayPal address

Home address

List of products

Shipping for USA will start at $3.00 and for each extra item .20 cents will be added to the shipping total. 
Shipping for CANADA will start at $7.00 and for each extra item, .20 cents will be added to the shipping total.

The nail polish is for the USA only. Shipping will depend on if you buy makeup & nail polish. Please e-mail me with questions and I will be very happy to explain!  
If you are buying nail polish only shipping will be $1.00 to start with and .20 for any extra polishes you buy :)

Now that all that is said and done...Lets go shopping!!! xo

Alexander McQueen
Color: PAGAN

Steel Blue: $12.00
*Used ONCE*

Fuchsia: $10.00

$5.00 Each
Beautiful iris, ((SOLD)) 
Poste Haste
Red Brick

Sephora + Pantone Universe
Color of the Year Eyeshadow Quad
"Tangerine Tango" 2 colors swatched

Alexander McQueen
$25.00 ((PENDING))

Left to Right
 Please Me 
Viva Glam VI ((SOLD))
$7.00 each

Left to Right
Glamazon Pure Performance 12-hour lipstick in: Playful- $10.00((SOLD))
LipSurgence in: Pouty- $10.00


Julep Polishes $2.00 each
Left to Right
Amelia, Kathleen, 
Nessa ((SOLD))

Friday, October 26, 2012


Lets just say the end of September - October has been full of too many downs.  My goal in this LIFE POST is to vent and share the bad and good with all of you.  As you know, I like to share whats going on in our lives at that moment but not share too much of it at the same time.  Ugh...its been...its been hell. So lets start with the bad and finish with the good so we all have a better end to this post :)

On September 19th Noah was held at gunpoint by a 24 year old, at his retail store he works at. The guy walked in with a shotgun and pointed it at Noah and The District Manager...he wanted a handheld gun to kill himself with (they only carry rifles, B.B. guns and knifes at Noah's Store) and got upset when they told him those are B.B guns not real handhelds. After about 2 minutes he started laughing and finally ran out. The guy ended up robbing 2 banks and got caught!!! THANKFULLY, NOBODY was harmed by this man!  At that time Noah and I only had 1 phone and he had it that day so I had no idea what was going on. When he walked in he just looked and me and hugged me so close and I was a bit taken back. I asked him what was going on...he then told me everything that happened and I started balling. I was so happy he was safe but so scared for him at the same time. We then picked up the babes, sat on the sofa and just held each other. All the fighting and back and forth bickering that we had been doing just stopped. Knowing that he could of forever been taken away from us made me realize that all the small, stupid things that we were fighting about were dumb and it needed to stop. So thats why I've been tweeting out so "Anyone know about Price, UT?" The District Manager is trying to promote Noah again and find a new location for us. He sent us information on new stores opening in NM, UT & AZ but all three are small towns with no schools for us to attend and to start a much better life for our kids. So for now, he is at his store allowing any jobs into our lives to talk about until one fits.

So, moving on to October...

Started off with a truck running into the house...yes, a truck driving straight forward ran into the back of  the house. Luckily our landlord found it amusing that I called to tell him this and called the company of that truck and took care of it...

 That should of been a huge sign to stay home cause when we were heading back from Texas this happened..

Doesn't look as bad as it was. The entire underneath of our van was totaled and had to be replaced. Noah and I had just switched seats so he could finish the last 80 miles...YUP 80 MILES AWAY FROM HOME! What happened was a Semi's Drive Shaft (which is the size of a bumper) fell out and we found it. We were going the 75 MPH speed limit and all the sudden I heart Noah say "Oh Shit!" and BAM...we ran over it. Noah kept the van completely straight during the impact and somehow safely drove it to the side of the road. Both the cop and tow-truck driver said he 100% did the right thing because with our van if he would of swerved to get out the the way, we would of flipped. So the good in that was none of us were harmed but the bad...we were now out $587.70. Yes, on top of our deductible we had to pay an extra $87.70. ((I don't even want to go there)) Plus we had to pay part of our rental because we needed a sedan that would fit 2 car seats. We had been on top of our bills, paying early, knowing which bills went to which paycheck because we figured out if we did this...then in November we would have a paycheck then went to NO BILLS...well, all that saving went into our car, our rental, and an extra Tow. least we could pay for it ourselves right?


I started my non-hormonal birth control pills AKA EGG DONOR AGAIN! Yup in November I start injections again and my surgery to hopefully bring another baby into someones life is between Nov26 & DEC1 :) So excited that my body is able to A) handle the shots and B) give babies to others!

Another good is even though we took a huge hit with the accident, we are still ok in our Bank Account Department. This time last year we were struggling REALLY bad. But Noah got a promotion in July and he now gets paid more so we have extra money each month to spend. AKA PUMPKINS!!!

The past few years we needed the $10.00 for food now, we were able to go to this cute church so our babes could pick out their own pumpkins AND we can afford costumes that aren't $5.00 WOO! Colin will be an Ewok (the picture is just him as a bear for now..he wanted to wear it around) and Emery didn't want a new costume...she wants to be Tinkerbell... again, just like for her birthday party haha.

So, I really hope things stay on the up for us. We NEED IT TO! I hope the rest of your October and 2012 is beautiful, full of love and fun.

<3 Tam

Monday, October 1, 2012

BOO-tiful Craft

Yikes! So, this will be "one of those" blog posts that is really me talking about the video I just posted on my youtube channel, FLYNNterest. This will NOT be a common thing on my blog but, I tapped the video 3 weeks ago before I decided to be on this blog and not delete it. I have a few photos shown below of the craft & the items I used as well. If you have any questions please leave a comment here or on my twitter...@xflynniex. If you do this craft PLEASE tweet it to me so I can see it!!! Have a beauty-ful day!


Spiderweb paper- 12x12 from Hobby Lobby
Wooden Circles- Hobby Lobby
Wooden Letters- Hobby Lobby
MS Glitter- Michaels (Fire Opal)
Sponge Brush- Any craft store
Mode Podge- Any craft store
Any ribbon- I used Orange
Hot glue gun or Garilla Glue

The Step By Step Video!
(if the video isn't working please click HERE)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Holy Hell...A POST!

  Ok, so this is just a bit of a HI I AM HERE AGAIN post/party/fiesta.  I have gone back and forth about keeping this blog or trashing it all together for about 3 months now.  Happily I took time to really think about why I wanted this blog in the first place. At first, it was for my beauty youtube channel...FAIL! I didn't want it to be like "HEY EVERYONE" here is a post on the exact video I did...ok bye! So I kinda just pushed it away, UNTIL NOW! This will be my everything under the sun blog...but organized of course. :) It will show my OOTD, Family photos, all the crafts that I've been doing, beauty, DIH (hehe i will share that later) and much more. It will be my life blog. Now, I have NO IDEA how often I will update this guy but I can promise you that it will no longer take a backseat in my online life...thats what will be happening with my beauty youtube channel. I just have been pushing and pushing myself to NOT delete that channel. The thing I used to love brings me so much stress and sadness and ugh...BUT, I talked it over with the hubs (aka Noah) and he said don't delete it because you started it to help people and you are. So what you don't have thousands & thousands of started youtube to have fun and you need to find that fun online Tammi again...(SO TRUE) He also said some funny things about some of the "TUBERS" that are big and have no talent but I'll hold that in...He also said do what you want where you want to do it. AKA I have 3 channels and 1 blog so I can go to a place where I want to be at that moment and share with you all.

  I'm not that 23 year old girl anymore who lives with her boyfriend and has an endless amount of money to spend on makeup because I have 3 jobs...I am a 28 year old wife and mother of 2 on a strict budget that would rather play with my kids then edit a review video that 300 people will watch. Youtube has changed SO SO SO SO much and I don't think I can push myself and work so hard to just be white noise...will that happen here, maybe but I am ready for a new chapter.  Blogging will be easier (this is day 3 of me writing this) for me because I can sit here then be away for hours and come back and post. Does this mean I am saying goodbye to youtube for good...NOPE!!!! I will still be on all 3 accounts...yes including themcateefamily channel! My xFLYNNIEx channel will stay how it is, a beauty channel and FLYNNterest will be my craft videos so you can see the crafts I do here in "real time." Noah is going to take control of our family channel by being the editor. SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! We will be doing weekly vlogs now instead of daily/nothing for a chunk of time. He wants to use it as a sitcom kinda thing where we have it up for 10 "shows" take a break and do it again for 10 "shows." He is really excited about it so I am letting him roll with it. We will talk more about that when we get back from texas the 3ish week in October.

SO there we have it ladies...I am a blogger/vlogger now.........

  My first official post will be on the things I am making for halloween this year.  I have been so creative lately so I can wait to share it with people who are as excited about it as I am. If you know how I can add that BEAUTIFUL pin it next to my photos, please tell me so others can pin what they like. Now, lets remember that I am VERY new to this blogging world so if my photos suck or writing is janky...know that it will get better with time :) 

I love ya'll!